Wam Bam Entertainment offers some of the best balloon twisting and Face Painters in Wisconsin or Illinois. No kids party is compete without this!

Kids, Family and Event Entertainment

Wam Bam makes the laughs and smiles happen plus adds that extra life to any party! It's the type of entertainment. And when it comes to celebrating, we know that 99% of the people want to party - we are the party! If you need entertainment for a corporate event, Wam Bam can help you. Whether you've got an upcoming promotion, need stage show type talent, want the right spokes person or have a talent concept that needs to be brought to life, call us. Finding the right talent is what we do. Wam Bam can put together talent for any type of event you can imagine.

Bluey - Baby Shark - Mickey & Minnie Mouse - Tinker Bell - Chase - Queen Poppy - Snowman - Spider-Man - Red Power Ranger - Tahki the T-Rex (our incredible dinosaur puppet) - Santa and his Elf - Freddie the 7' Tall Yeti (Perfect for winter events!) -  Sven the Reindeer - The Grinch - Peppa Pig - Elmo - Balloon Twisters - Face Painters - Mermaid - Sonic the Hedgehog - J.J. Jasper - Skye - Buzz Lightyear - Batmane

Delight Everyone with a Wam Bam Singing Telegram!

We deliver fun time, so if you want to give the gift that people will always remember, a singing telegram is perfect! Each telegram is approximately 10 minutes in length and include a song, dance, a humorous skit and a Polaroid or cell phone snapshot of their fun moments together.

Belly Dancer - Hula Dancer - Marilyn Monroe Impersonator - Cher - Tacky Elvis - Pirate Pete - Dr. Ben Dover Gorilla - Sir Laughalot, our Knight in Shining Armour - Frank Sinatra - Cher

Incredible, Unique Event Entertainment

Magicians - Genuine Make Believe Astro-Not - Elvis Show -  Fire & LED Hoopers Performance - Alaina the Snake Handler - Body Painters - Aerial Performers - Human Statues - Contortionist - Back to the Future DeLorean - The Supermoon - Genuine Make Believe Astro-Not

These are just some of our clients. After 44 years we could list hundreds more.


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Entertainment For Everyone!