Aerial Performers!

Our amazing aerial silk, pole, Lollipop and slng Lyra performers will deliver a fabulous show, creating wonderful, elegantly crafted movements on a range of appartus aerialists. All avialable in the Kenosha, Milwaukeee, Chicago and Madison area! Beautiful breathtaking scenes with breathtaking aerial artistry will dazzle onlookers for any event.

An aerial performers can give you and your guests a really fabulous show, creating beautifully crafted movements on a range of apparatus aerialists. It's a beautiful scene with breathtaking aerial artistry that is guaranteed to wow guests! A popular choice for corporate events, product launches and stadium events, aerialists provide exceptionally beautiful cirque style entertainment for those looking to push entertainment boundaries and offer their special guests a dramatic and a truly impressive visual spectacle. These breathtaking spiritually are uplifting performance. Each act varies from an individual to troupe size.

Wam Bam Aerialists offer Static Trapeze, Dance Trapeze, Chain, Fabric, and Sling Lyra performances.

Call Wam Bam anytime at 262-344-5275. Our services are available 7 days a week!

Photos - Jonathan Long


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