Yes. Your price will of course be determined by the costuming, preparation and talent.


Our entertainers are available 365 days of the year, with enough notice. We can start as early as 8 AM we'll xeliver till 10pm. We ask for a 15 minute leeway to accomodate for traffic conditions. Valentine's Day in particular is very busy so please order early for that day. We start answering the phone at 9 AM and end at 7PM. You can always leave a message and you will receive a return call 7 days a week.

Office hours are from 9am to 6pm.


We'll go aywhere, as long as your pay the fee. We've traveled over 600 miles one way so far.


Our prices are very competitive.

The price for children's performances is the same whether you want us there for five minutes or an hour. The behind the scenes preparation, coordination and the drive usually takes more time than the performance.

The age of the child does not determine the price.

Non-profit status doesn't influence pricing.


Tipping Etiquette: Tips are given when people who do a fantastic job of making everyone smile, or go above and beyond what most people would put up with to make your party a success.

Not everyone can afford to tip, we get that. It's not required. If you can demonstrate your generosity, please do.


Have an appropriate shelter available if it's raining or snowing out. If it rains, sleets or becomes so windy that everyone is packed into an overcrowded pavillion and there is no room please don't expect the same result as you would get on a sunny day.

Some costumes are impossible to drive in. That requires us to change at the location. Therefore, if the it's raining or snowing, and we have to change, we aren't going to do it getting drenched or freezing for ten minutes. Therefore please have an indoor location for us to change in.


We will do our best to re-schedule if something comes up so you won't lose your deposit. However, if we are enroute to your event it cannot be re-scheduled to a future time or date without incurring a new fee.


Things happen. The deposit is refundable only if the reservation was cancelled before 7 days from the date of the show. If we've invested in a custom costume or event, then none of the deposit is refunded, and you will be charged any balance owed.

Cancellations on Reindeer and Supermoon bookings are NOT refundable. Shows in which we have been provided the wrong time or date would be subject to no refund if we show up and can't make it to the correct location in time. There may be a fee to return to the location at the correct time.


Once a singing telegram or a children's show appearance has been made, we do not issue refunds or partial refunds.

If an paid in advance reservation is made, but the event comes and goes without giving us an address to appear at, no refund will be issued. We will make every attempt via phone calls, e-mails and a text, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser to let us know where they want the entertainment.


They are going to vary.

Singing Telegrams - $250 in the Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Lake county. For other areas please ask.

Madison or Chicago is at $250.The final price depends on what you want, time needed and what city it's in. A pre-payment is required to confirm the performance.

Children's Shows - Base price of $250 per hour, with a miniumum of one in the area.

Balloon Twisting or Face Painting - $250 for the first two hours within a certain distance from our home base of Paddock Lake, WI.


We accept the following forms of payment

Apple Pay - 262-344-2042

Cash App - $LawrenceZamba

Venmo- @Larry-Zamba

Zelle - 262-344-2042  (Larry Zamba)

Credit card payments will incur a 4% surcharge to cover the fee the impose upon us. So for example if you order something for $200, the charge to your card will be $208.

Checks are acceptable from government or corporate entities. We do not accept personl checks.



24503 75 Street, Salem WI 53168