Our Easter Bunny brings the spirit and excitement of the Easter season to your special event wherever it may be! Our Bunny loves what it does, and has a bubbly personality just right for the occasion! Why chose us over any other person with a rabbit suit? Not only does our Bunny have the sweet attitude and lots of energy.

Why use us? Well, it depends on what kind of image you want to project for your event. Either you want the bunny to look brilliant or you don't.

There are basically two kinds of Easter Bunny costumes out there. To be blunt, the vast majority of the time you'll see a low expectation raggedy $69 Amazon suit that is basically a pair of white pajamas, a wrinkled vest and a head that resembles some kind of an animal.

Or Wam Bam's custom designed and built one of a kind costumes. These photos are of our actual outfits. It's customized for the best performance. Our performers are outfitted with a cooling vest to regulated there temperature too to keep our bunny funny. Give us a call, we know you'll love it!


24503 75 Street, Salem WI 53168