Does your friend suffer from Elvititis? Let Wam Bam scare your birthday Guest of Honor straight with with a Tacky Elvis singing telegram! We've found the best cure is just let your Guest of Honor get it out of their system by becoming an Elvis impersonator just like the King himself, all to the great amusement of the crowd. We'll dress him or her up so they'll look vaguely like The King, complete with cape, wig and sunglasses! Then to complete the treatment we'll give them the opportunity to sing an Elvis song. If we feel more aggressive treatment is warranted, perhaps a sandwich or a banana may be perscribed for them to eat in front of everyone.

If you want an Elvis performer that looks a lot more like the original, including a complete show with a backup band if you'd like you can order a real Elvis impersonator David Kirby!


* This man has Elvititis, an unusual mental derangement can strike anyone, anywhere, without warning. Since the 1977 Elvititis has manifested itself in sightings throught America. Symptoms include sudden weight gain, singing about hound dogs, and uncontroled body spasms and gyrations! It is really quite sad and yet quite funny to laugh at this affliction. Call us and you'll see what we mean.

Is this your friend? Do you want it to be?

Please, let's embarass them together!*

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