Kids just love having our Snowman, or Snow Princess birthday characters come visit them on their special day. The Snowman attending  your birthday parties brings fantasy to life and will no doubt surprise and delight guests of all ages. Our Snowman character will bring the fun, whimsy and silliness from the movie straight to your party! Before this magical Snowman starts to melt, watch as your child smiles and revels in the moment. Renting our Snowman is a fun addition to any winter themed party, and he always comes ready to celebrate with his littlest friends and fans. And when the last present is open, Snowman will wish everyone a special, happy day,

Looking for something extra special for your child’s next birthday? Call 262-344-5275 to book Snowman, and invite two of his favorite friends Snow Princess friends to come along for the fun.


24503 75 Street, Salem WI 53168