Order a Genuine Make Believe Astronaut!

Public Appearences

Use your imagination to put this incredible suit and our talent together. Supermoon events offer a spectacular event-caliber replica of the iconic Apollo A7-L spacesuit, which was made famous by the first people who stepped foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. It may be used in conjunction with The Supermoon or can be made used by itself at events or photo shoots. It's a replica Apollo AL7 spacesuit that is - the space suit is the type used on the moon landings.

The spacesuit includes the Personal Life-Support System (PLSS) backpack, a Snoopy communications cap, moon boots, a helmet with a gold sun visor, and a passive cooling vest to keep the “Astro-not” comfortable.

Depending upon the event location, we may be able to offer personnel to wear the space suit, or you may provide your own person.

Look to pair it with our incredible Supermoon, which stands 20 feet tall and is internally lit. This spectacular display can dazzle thousands of viewers and will definitely draw people to any event

Retired astronaut Wendy Lawrence, who spent more that 50 days in space, meets with Larry Zamba.

Our Genuine Make Believe Astro-NOT at Racine's July 4th, 2019 parade.


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